19 Kasım 2011

Wupload.com Battı Uploader lar Gergin

Site yaptığı bir açıklama ile sitelerini kapatma kararı aldılar.Şuan dosya indirilebiliyor tam olarak 28 Kasımda sitenin kapatılacağı açıklandı.Bu olay uploaderlar çok feci şekilde sinirlendirdi galiba acısı büyük olacak gibi.Rapidsharenin dosyaları silmesi ile herkesin hotfile'ye dosya yüklemeye başlamasın daha sonra da hotfile'nin dosyaları silmeye başlaması ile wupload'a geçiş yapan uploaderlar bu siteninde kapanmasıyla büyük kayıplara uğrayacaklar.Sitenin açıklaması ise şu şekilde;

To Our Valued Friends and Affiliates,
It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that as of November 28th, Wupload will officially be closing its affiliate program.

After an incredible period of growth in such a short period of time, we have had to make the tough decision to close our affiliate program as it is no longer financially viable for us to continue it.
Wupload's file hosting service will remain active and technical support will still be provided as per usual, and our customer support system will remain active for any inquiries by members, whether free or paid. We encourage all users and affiliates to continue to use Wupload to store and share their files, and we will remain one of the most reliable and secure storage solutions in the business. We will honour all memberships that were already purchased by affiliates or by regular users.
Thanks to the loyalty and the hard work of all of our friends and affiliates, we were able to surpass our growth expectations in terms of traffic, but as anybody in the file hosting business can tell you, traffic does not always mean profitability.
Now, where does this leave you, the hardworking affiliate with unpaid earnings?
We are going to pay out every dollar owed to our affiliates. The affiliate program will close on November 28th, a Sunday, and the last payout will be November 30th, the following Wednesday.
Wupload could not have achieved the growth it did without the hard work, effort and enthusiasm that you all brought to our affiliate program, so I thank you and wish you all nothing but luck and good fortunes in your future endeavours. 
Sincerely,Willy WuploadWilly@Wupload.comICQ: 623831013SKYPE: wupload

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